Low Light Darkroom and Black Hole Collective Film Lab is a DIY community resource center and art studio based in West Oakland, CA organized cooperatively by a group of artists working in analog photography and filmmaking. As a non-commercial group focusing on photochemical image-making in the "digital age," we are active members of a growing international network of artist-run collective film labs working toward the reclamation of the means of production from a rapidly disappearing industry as a means toward preserving an endangered, yet unique tradition of art making. 

The current manifestation of our collective exists as the culmination of years of organizing and hard work on the part of two independently functioning collectives joining together for unified goals. We began in 2013, spurred by the closure of multiple film processing facilities and a desire to organize collectively. In 2015, we were finally able to realize our goal of establishing a brick and mortar location and now have a fully functional darkroom for still photography and a laboratory for motion picture film processing.

Low Light Darkroom and Black Hole Collective Film Lab is a 2017 recipient of Southern Exposure's Alternative Exposure grant.

Contact us at lowlightdarkroom@gmail.com and blackholefilmlab@gmail.com.


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